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Before we know it, we’re given our programming and conditioning from family systems, society, and beyond.

Our work here is to unpack all that was given to us and decide what is ours to keep and what is ours to shed.

Your Family of Origin (FOO) represents the people from which you derived your first templates for just about everything as a child — including your first stories around giving, receiving, and navigating love.

Those relationships—the presence of them, the absence, the negligence, the hypervigilance—all have an impact on how we view most things in our lives today, and begin to build out our internal operating systems. 

For the majority of us, our families were far from perfect. Although they may have done their best, they may have also shown up as inconsistent, dysfunctional or even abusive at times.

Over this 5-week Journey, you’ll discover the foundational steps to understanding how your origin stories have shaped and impacted the beliefs, reactions, and patterns in your current relationships.

This work is necessary if you’re looking for integrated healing and transformation. Are you ready to show up lovingly for yourself and others? If so, you’re in the right place.

Everyone has the capacity to create beautiful, long-lasting change, but not everyone has access to the information and support they need to make it happen.

So many people just like you struggle to understand…

  • Why you might “know better” but when it comes to actually doing something differently, you find yourself right back at your old ways
  • Why you can offer great advice to others, but can’t seem to take it for yourself
  • Why you’re caught in the same patterns with family, friendship, romantic partners, and beyond
  • Why it’s hard to forge your own way and individuate from your family of origin
  • Why you choose the same types of people in your life who give you the same “lesson” over and over again
  • How to change the beliefs that no longer serve you
  • How to actually integrate the change you want to see in your life
  • How to maintain long lasting change 

This course is designed to help you journey safely back into your younger years where you’ll learn how the things you observed and witnessed come with you and show up in your present life. In The Origins of You you’ll explore 5 fully packed modules which guide you and encourage introspection and reflection to happen so you can truly understand the templates and origin stories of your life.

This course inspires awareness and offers the tools necessary in order to understand your current operating systems, how they got there, what changes you want to make, how to make them, and how to maintain them.  Let’s stop just connecting the dots and having the AHA moments without doing something about it.

I’ve spent well over 15,000 hours of direct client time with couples, families, and singles — helping them understand their Family of Origin and put an end to frustrating cycles.

It’s my mission to help you create real relationships that thrive. 

I know that traditional therapy can be intimidating and unaffordable for many.

After spending thousands of hours over the past decade helping clients from all ages, profiles and backgrounds, this is what I’ve learned:

We all have meaningful and complex stories.

We carry pain, trauma, and wounds with us from our past in our own respective way. We’ve adopted unhealthy patterns from our past relationships and unique family systems that we tend to bring with us into our present life.

And we crave many of the same things: healing, transformation, and healthy, thriving relationships with our partners… and ultimately — ourselves.

I truly believe that everyone has the capacity to create beautiful, long-lasting change, but not everyone has access to the information and support they need to make it happen.

I don’t want you to be left piecing together incorrect and unfounded advice or guidance from random courses, videos and articles on the web, only to achieve little to no progress in your healing.

So it’s my mission to provide as many people as possible access to real, proven guidance, templates and tools. My goal is that you feel safe and supported as you explore your past, identify dysfunctional patterns, and start building an integrated relationship with yourself.

5 Weeks To Understand Your Conditioning, Programming and Operating System.

Module 1 - Meeting Your Family System 

3 Part Series

You’ll start out with a deep dive into understanding who and what your family of origin actually is, as well as understanding your origin stories, and why they’re critical to your growth, healing, and change.

Often the key to understanding your present pain, patterns, or “stuckness”,  can be found in a deep exploration of your past, as well as the past of those who came before you. You’ll see how these foundational blueprints continue to show up and shape your present life, the roles you find yourself in in relationships, and beyond.

Module 2 - Trading Authenticity for Your Needs 

2 Part Series

It’s common to trade our authenticity for attachment as children. In this Module you’ll explore the ways in which you gave up parts of yourself to fit in, find security and safety, be loved, and maintain connection. You’ll explore what it is you craved for the most as a child and how those shapeshifting tendencies and desires to be seen, understood, prioritized, or valued show up in your life today. 

Module 3 - Unpacking It: The Origins of Communication, Conflict, Intimacy, Boundaries, and Coping Styles

5 Part Series

This module is packed as we explore your origin stories around communication, conflict, intimacy, boundaries, and coping styles. You’ll learn what templates were given to you from an early age, and what was observed, witnessed, and expected of you within your family system around each.  

This exploration will help you understand how you relate to each present day and whether there’s room for you to make any tweaks, upgrades, or changes.

Module 4 - How The Past Comes With Us

3 Part Series

It’s time to look at our patterns, fun stuff...I know! Your programming and conditioning comes with you. It builds an operating system that you live by. Maybe you’ve repeated what you saw or what was expected of you. Maybe you’ve done a one-eighty and fully reject that which was given to you and expected of you. Regardless of the path you’ve taken, your work here is to see what is driving your decision making, your beliefs, your patterns, and beyond. This Module focuses you on finding a path of integration so that you can live in such a way where all of your parts feel in integrity.  

Module 5 - Repacking It & Reclaiming It

4 Part Series

This final Module will utilize everything you’ve learned up until this point and then begin to direct you in building new belief systems that are in full alignment with you. You’ll learn to  release that which no longer serves you, choose a path that leads you to your expansion and healing, and ultimately how to build out a new operating system for yourself that is deeply resonant.

It’s all about reclaiming the Self, and that which was ours before others determined a different course for you. It’s time to come home.

You’ll Get 5 Modules Packed With 

  • 17 coaching videos with Vienna
  • 19 worksheets and exercises to dive deeper into your past
  • Bonus Parent Interview
  • Lifetime access to the course

What People Say About Vienna 


“Vienna has tremendous insight into how the past impacts present relationships…”

She knows how to build lasting connections that not only improve the quality of everyday life, but also mental well-being. She is authentic, genuine and knowledgeable-I have high regard for her as both a person and therapist.

- Dr Caroline Leaf, neuroscientist, best-selling author and mental health expert


“Vienna is the best of the best of the best.”

She is a master at not only understanding the human condition, but also at guiding people through their challenges to a play of resolution and freedom. Working with her has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself, and I’m blessed to have been influenced by her in this lifetime. 

- Mark Groves


“She is my go-to relationship expert in the field.”

Vienna has a deep understanding for not only the challenges we can experience with our families and partners, but HOW to move through these challenges back to connection. Her warmth and wisdom shine through all of her offerings as a clinician, writer, and educator.

- Cassidy Freitas, Ph.D., LMFT

Who This Program Is For

In this course, we go deep. This course is for anyone who is willing to put in the work to explore their depths, and is ready to show up lovingly for themselves.

This is NOT a course for those who are looking for an easy button. If you’re not open to explore yourself and see how your past comes along with you, then this program is NOT for you.

How This Program Works

An Online Program That You Can Complete Privately & At Your Own Pace

Once you enroll, you’ll receive an email to create your profile where you can instantly access the first module in your private members area. Each module series will be unlocked weekly as you progress through the program. Each module will give you valuable support and context for the modules that follow. This gives you the time and space you need to fully integrate the tools and practices you learn each week.

Explore 17 Video Guides 

You’ll get me directly on your computer each week guiding you through the lessons and teaching you how to integrate meaningful change in your life.

Downloadable Worksheets & Exercises With Each Module

In each of the 5 modules, you’ll receive worksheets and practices to integrate the tools and lessons on your own. You can revisit this program as and when you need to; you have lifetime access to all content.

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